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New !

Cromodora replica wheels set CD 56r

7J x 13 ``
Bolt pattern 4 x 9,8 mm 

Usable for:

Fiat Abarth 850/1000 TC

OT series
127, 128 X 1/9, 124,131, A112
Set off 4 wheels in Aluminium.

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Wanted to purchase within consignment:

Abarth's, Giannini's or Abarth/Giannini Replica's 595, 695, 850, 1000 TC, OT and others .

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Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130TC, 1983

2000 cc twin cam motor
2 double 40 mm Dellorto's

140 HP – 210 Nm

0-100 km/u in 7,2 sec.
Topspeed 200 km/u +

26.000 km since restauration, refurbished wheels, new paintjob, engine overhaul etc..

Engine rebuild at 100.000 km:

  • new bearings crankshaft
  • new crankshaft
  • new bearings connectionrods
  • New waterpump
  • Honed Cilinders
  • Pistons polished and balamced
  • New pistonrings
  • Valves polished,new rubbers en valveguides
  • new distribution cap and rotor
  • High performance cabels en new sparkplugs
  • 2 Dellorto's 40mm and K&N filters mounted

New brakes shoes

5 speed Gearbox overhauled

Koni shocks and lowered suspension

All inside bodyparts are waxed

Underside tectyled

Rust-free well maintained Ritmo!

With service history

AA+ condition



Now Asking price: € 18.500,-

For more info or to make an offer
call Ger: 0031 (0)591 513896






















Abarth Derivazione 1970

Ansa uitlaat

30 mm. Carburateur, Cormic 12`` aluminium velgen met nieuwe banden, Abarth sportstuur.

APK tot december 2018.

Prijs €.8900,-

For more info or to make an offer
call Ger: 0031 (0)591 513896











































Fiat Abarth 1000 TC

Build 1974, Seat base

Body with wide rearpanels

Abarth loweringset

Abarth leafspring

2 Bucketseats

4-point Sparco safety belts

Abarth Dashboard and gauges

Abarth Steeringwheel

Abarth gearknob

Engine: A112 A 2000 70 HP

32 DMTR Weber carburator


Abarth emblems

This abarth conversion was done in 2010, car was unused for 8 years and is now revived in 2018.




Fiat 127 Abarth 70 HP 1e Serie

Build 1977

Completely overhauled body
Painted inside and outside in Abarth grey
Engine: A112 Abarth 70 HP
Electronic ignition
5-speed gearbox
New Brakediscs and calipers
Abarth airfilter
Lowered Abarth leafspring rear
Lowered suspension front
Sport shockabsorbers
127 Sport sportmuffler with 1 damper , great sound!
Fitted Fiat 128 Rally dashboard with rpm tachometer
3 extra gauges: Watertemp/oilpressure/voltmeter 
2 New Cobra sportseats
2 New 3-point red seatbelts
4 powdercoated and polished Honeycomb rims
4 New Tires 165/55/13
New Roofspoiler (rare item)
New air intake on bonnet
New CIBIE beam lamps
Original Abarth Steering wheel
Chrome mirror
Abarth air conductors on wipers (very rare)
plus many little new parts


Fiat Abarth 1000TC Derivazione.

Build 1973.

Street legal race car with 2 years Dutch APK/MOT/TUV
Ex Segafredo cup Holland racer
Ex Coppa Mille Germany racer.

A112 A2000 engine 90 HP
306 degree camshaft
Bigger valves
Lighter flywheel
40 DCOE Weber carburator (radial)

Full rolover bar
5 point safety belts
Disc brakes in front and rear
Electric fuel pump
Security battery
Fire extinguisher

All options to race in the next season
Perfect for circuitrace or hillclimb



























FIAT ABARTH 1000 TC Derivazione

Body; 1965 Dutch registration
Complete new build body with all new panels
Original Abarth grey paint, (inside,outside, under)

• Engine; A112 A2000
New bearings, new distribution, new pistonrings
Polished crankshaft; flywheel 1000gr. lighter
32 DMTR Weber, 320 degree camshaft, etc,etc'
Race exhaust.

• Coolïng; aluminium abarth filtank, frontradiator oríginal'
Oilcooler in the back, Front electric Fan

• Suspension; Abarth radiale springs in the rear,
Abarth leafspring in Front, all new
4 x Koni shocks original for Fiat 600
Discbrakes in front
• lnside; Abarth replica dashboard with Jaeger Gauges
sportsteering Wheel
New sportseat, new race safetybelt Etc'etc

Rebuild Momo wheels with new tyres

This is a complete new rebuild Abarth replica from 1965.


A112 Abarth, build 1975

Italian import
New fenders,

new paintjob
New mot for two years
A lot of new parts






















Abarth 850 TC Derivazione 1973 Fiat based.

Original Cromodora Rims

Engine:903 cc rebuild, Abarth cam, Abarth cylinderhead cover, Weber 32/34 DMTR, Abarth sportairfilter, lighter flywheel, race exhaust, Ready for legal street use

5 cm lowered suspension with Abarth leafspring and rear springs, New adjustable Spax Shocks in front.

Sportseat and Abarth steering wheel.

Abarth 850 TC

Abarth 1000 TC derivazione
Based on Zastava.
Ex Coppa-Mille racer
Very fast Abarth with great noise!

Engine A112 A2000 with:
Bigger valves
Total flowed head
Lighter and balanced flywheel
Weber 36 DCNF
Triger set
Kent camshaft 304 degree
PBS oilfloorpan
EWP waterpump
Electronic ignition Marelli

Close ratio gearbox (13/44, 20/35, 25/30, 27/28 with 9/39
Discbrakes ventilated in front
Discbrakes in rear
Cromodora(new) rims with slicks

Lexaan windows
Polyester doors


1973/1 Abarth 750 Abarth 750 Berlina Derivazione

Body: completely restored with new bodyparts, undercoated and new paintjob outside, inside and underneath. 
No rust. 

Engine:747 cc rebuild, about 42 HP, Aluminum cylinderhead cover, Dellortó 34 carburator, lighter flywheel, race exhaust, Ready for legal street use, Aluminum radiator in front

5 cm lowered suspension with Abarth leafspring and rear springs, New adjustable Koni Shocks in front, special Bilstein shocks on the rear. Rare Abarth 1e serie drumbrakes in front. Sixties rims.

Bucketseats (sixtieslook) and Wooden Abarth steering wheel. Abarth frontgrill, Big rpm meter.
Abarth emblems



Original A112 Abarth 70 Hp
Built: 1985
52.000 km. Original

Swiss import
Second owner

Body perfect
Paint perfect

New tyres



Fiat Abarth 695 SS Replica Original build 1969 Dutch car Engine: 830 cc !! 2-port cylinderhead 320 degree camshaft racepistons 2 way electric ignition Weber 40 DCOE 4,5 liter Abarth oilsump CSC exhaust with noise reduction. Abarth valve cover Air filter Electrical gasolinepump etc Body Everything new done Metal Hardtop Complete rollbar Strutbar in front Sparco racing seat 4-point Sparco racing belt Lexaan windows California mirrors Metal fenders Complete new cablesystem with: electrical window wascher. electrical door-locking. Jaeger dashboard Fire extinguisher system in complete car! Removable steering wheel 2-way brakesytem uno turbo brakes Adjustible shocks Independent front suspension Etc,Etc Car is not complete yet: Needs other carb setting Other cluth pressure plate Engine never started!!! zero km



Abarth 695 SS replica













Abarth 1000 TCR replica.

All original TCR-parts!

engine 982 cc A1000

TCR cylinderhead

2 x 40 DCOE weber

5-speed gearbox

body stiffened plates TCR

All new body-panels

New paintjob

One of the fastest cars in Europe

With papers, streetlegal with normal tyres! etc.etc.

Abarth 1000 TCR


BARNFIND /SCHUURVONDST Fiat 600 derivazione 1967 engine: faster camshaft carburettor 34 PB 1 C inletmanifold Nardi Torino Sportairfilter Sportexhaust with 4/2 manifolt probably flowed head etc,etc ???

mechanical rev counter the rest: personal steering wheel Dashboard type ,,Nurburgring`` Abart grill Cosmic wheels 60 liter ! fuel tank Body is not bad, good restauration project








This new build Abarth 850 TC derivazione.color old yellow with original 1967 striping gruppo 2

small fenders in polyester all new body panels, 5 cm lowered with Abarth leafspring and rear springs, All original emblems, Spax shocks rear and in front adjustible, discbrakes in front, Momo rims with new tyresfront cooling, electric fan in rear, new race seats with 4 pointbelts, Abarth steering wheel

engine:903 cc rebuild, Abarth cam, Abarth cylinderhead cover, Weber 32/34 DMTR, Abarth sportairfilter, lighter flywheel, race exhaust, Ready for legal street use



abarth 850 TC


Fiat Abarth 695 esse-esse derivazione 1969 Body: complete sandblasted new paintjob Dutch racing colors big fenders in metal hardtop in metal Engine: 40 Hp, 145 km/h totally restored 126 engine, 650 cc. 2-port cylinderhead Weber 40 DCOE Abarth A2 camshaft 300 degree Abarth oilsump, lighter flywheel CNC sportexhaust electronic 123 ignition German engine plates, etc Interior: Abarth Jeager dashboard Abarth steering wheel in leather, new sportseat 4-point safetybelt full rolgage, powdercoated alu floorprotectors PVC doorpanels in color Rest of the car: 12 `` x 7J alu wheels Yokohama 165/60/12 tyres 4 x Koni adjustible Abarth emblems and stickers Discbrakes in front Front cross member with a-arms everything new on this car like rubbers, lamps etc.

Orange Fiat 500


Perfect Abarth TC Derivazione Build 1968, original Italian car, dutch papers Street legal engine 92 Hp. bigger valves, flowed head, leadfree gasoline. 306 degree cam everything lighter and balanced. Alu floorpan 2 x dell`Orto FZD other flywheel etc,etc. 5-speed gearbox !!! with homocinetics front cross member with a-arms disc brakes in front and rear AVO adjustable race shocks alu gastank front wheels 7`` rear wheels 8`` 3-piece wheels complete rollover bar Dashboard type Nurburgring Sportsteering wheel Leather sportseats


Fiat Abarth 595 esse-esse replica, 1971 Perfect body New paintjob,color dark purple 650 cc engine with 2-port flowed cylinderhead, Weber 30 DIC Carburator Panda 30 distribution set (125 gram lighter) Lighter alu fan Lighter flywheel Alu oilsump 4 ltr. Alu cyl.head cover 2 pipe sportexhaust Electronic ignition Electronic starter Synchronized 126bis-gearbox Lowered body All Abarth-emblems Interior with sportseats,steering wheel, radio with woofer Extra safetybelt in the rear 4,5 `` Fergat sportwheels with new tyres Very fast Abarth 595

Giannini 590 Montecarlo Fiat build 1972 Italian Import Fully Restored body Tuned engine, new fast camshaft, new CSC exhaust, Lighter flywheel Alu Giannini oilsump 4 Racimex oil cooler. Personal Steering wheel Giannini Dashboard, oil temp gauge, big rev counter Many new parts Rollbar, Bucket seat, checkered hardtop 4-point safety belts New black bodypaint



Fiat 600/ Abarth project. Needs to be finished. Body is done (standard) A112 A2000 Abarth engine with 304 degree cam and flowed head. Dashboard type Nurburgring (not complete) Two sportchairs, new Cromodora wheels Front cooling + original cooling




Fiat Abarth 1000 TC replica Seat body 1972 engine: A112 A2000 * Totaly balanced, rebuild and tuned * 300 degrees camshaft * lighter flywheel * flowed cylinderhead * 850 alu. oilpan * 32 DMTR, tuned up * oilcooler with electric fan electric: * complete new electric system electric fuelpump with two filters electric safetysystem interior: 2 x Bf sportseats * full rollcage, extra pipe under dasboard,perfect painted. * Abarth dashboard complete with extra gauges


Completely restored 100% original Fiat Multipla

-Engine totally rebuild with original parts.

-original Dutch car, not used as an italian cab

-build 1966

SOLD / Verkocht

Autobianchi A112 Abarth Bj. 1974 Completely restored car New leather upholstery ATS-rims 70 HP/ 5-speed Perfect car, absolutely NO rust



A112 engine a2000, 90 HP,Flowed cylinderhead with bigger valves 38 Weber carburator Lighter flywheel, 306 Degree Camshaft,New paintjob All emblems, stickers a.s.o. 3-Clocks Dashboard Leather race seats full rollcage 4-point safety seatbelts Campagnola Wheels Discbrakes front+rearKoni shocks


Perfect Fiat Abarth 750 Berlina Derivationebuild 1973 Color Yellowwith green checkered roof lowered suspension Discbrakes front Abarth sportsteeringwheel OMP exhaustsysteem Amil 5J x 13`` aluminium sport-rims New tyres Street legal with MOT/APK Perfect running engine topspeed -/- 140 km/h

Abarth 850 Tc replica Perfect bodyBrandnew! out of the box A112 A2000 tuned engine with:306 degree cam totaly flowed cylinderhead lichter flywheel (750 GRAMS) Abarth valve cover Weber 34 DMTR OMP exhaustsystem Abarth leather steering wheel (new) 4 x Koni`s front leafspring with reversed eye lower springs rear (TCR springs) Disc brakes front watercooling front Big fenders new paint


Fiat Abarth 695 SS Replica 1965 Fully restored body:-new panels, fenders, front, floorplates, doors, etc..-new tectyl and paintjob Engine: German Fiat 650 cc-Tuned en checked-only 50 kms after revision-head flowed and largened-new 300 dgr camshaft-new 30 DIC Weber carburator -new 4,5 ltr Abarth alu oilsump-new Abarth valvecover-new Abarth sportexhaust -new Abarth airfilter -Synchronised gears-Lowered back and front with new springs and shocks-new front DISCbrakes-all new brake piping-whole new steeringsystem -Sport steeringwheel-4-point safety seatbelt -Abarth standing wipers-2 chromed '60 mirrors -abarth grill and emblems -all new rubbers-new front windshield-3 extra clocks (petrol, oilpressure, time)-Abarth Jaeger two-clock dashboard is optional-cromodora 4,5J x 13inch rims-4 new tyres 135/70/13


Fiat Abarth Replica Build 1972 by Seat A112 engine a2000 85 Hp 2 piece oil floorpan 36 DCD7 Carb. Flowed head Lighter flywheel 304 degree cam New paintjob All emblems, stickers a.s.o. Original Abarth Dashboard Leather race seats OMP full cage 4-point safety seatbelts Cromodora Wheels


Zastava 750 (licence Fiat 600D) replica Abarth New paintjob,A112 Abarth engine (1050 cc 70HP) with racing exhaust 4-2-1,

4-speed gearbox with ring and pinion 8/39, reinforced axle,

disc brakes at front and rear,front radiator for water cooling,front and rear stabilizer bars , Abarth steering wheel,
Innocenti de Tomaso dashboard, 4 magnesium wheels Campagnolo 5,5x13 with
4 new tyres Yokohama A539 in dimensions 175/50R13, racing seat , etc...etc..

Fiat Abarth 850 TC Nürburgring (replica)


Mooie replica met A112 70pk motor,

motor en onderstel volledig gereviseerd (slechts 150km gereden sindsdien),

850sport schijfremmen vooraan met nieuwe fusees, nieuwe remcilinder en remleidingen, nieuwe oliekoeler,



Fiat Abarth 695 SS Replica

Bj: 1963, suicide doorsFully restored body Brand new 650cc Engine, (only 10 km) tuned with:-fast camshaft -Panda 30 head (treated)-Weber 30 DIC carburator-Abarth exhaust-broadened fenders -wide CMR rims+ tyres-Abarth dashboard-Abarth stickers -Abarth emblems-Abarth sportwheel



SOLD / Verkocht:

Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica
Color red build april 1970
Italian papers
Fully restored, perfect hard body


Fiat Abarth 595 ReplicaBj: 1972Volledig originele harde carosserie, 600cc Motor, getuned o.a.

-snelle nokkenas

-Panda 30 kop(bewerkt)met grote kleppen

-weber 30 DIC carburateur

-abarth uitlaat


-brede 10inch velgen+ banden

-Abarth emblemen

-Abarth sportstuur


-extremely lowered & completely welded and stiffened body
-front lower crossmember with A-arms
-Adjustable Koni shocks
-TCR rear axle
-Coolsystem complete -complete rollover bar-frontgrill original Abarth-dashboard original Abarth with Abarth revcounter- polyester rear hood-new spray job-incl. 70 HP engine (unrestored)-overhauled 4speed gearbox-front & rear brakes Uno Turbo with kevlar piping-8J x 13 inch steel rims-new Michelin slicks -sparco race seat

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